I had the pleasure of working with Reggie every night. He is one of the most prepared and resourceful musicians I have ever known. He has the rare ability to play expressively in any style of music he chooses. During our time together, Reggie was called upon to teach some of our fellow musicians. He used the perfect blend of warmth, humor, and patience to connect with his students. If you spend time with Reggie, prepare to be inspired.
— Endre Rice - 15 years Count Basie Orchestra
I always look forward to playing with Reggie. He’s a young man with a seasoned feel.
— Mike Marlier, Director of Drumset Studies, Lamont School of Music, University of Denver.
Reggie is a consummate artist. From the most reserved note on a quiet ballad to a full-throttle melodic line on a progressive composition, he has the artistic sensibilities to perfectly sculpt any tune and all the technique to play whatever music he hears. Spending and evening listening to Reggie perform is definitely time well spent.
— Drew Morell professor University of Colorado Denver
Reggie is an absolute pro from start to finish. Beyond that, his audience engagement and performance ability make his incredible talent seem effortless. I can’t wait to perform with him again!
— Rachel James, Singer/songwriter
Reggie’s virtuosic navigation of the piano is complimented by his positive attitude and creative spirit. He’s a first-call player.
— Thomas Jennings, guitarist and educator, band member of Mama Magnolia
Reggie Berg is not only a world-class pianist, composer, and arranger who is comfortable in most any style, but his inherent charm and originality are infectious, as is his love for every note he plays.
— Kelly Scollin, Adjunct trumpet professor, East Tennessee State University
Reggie is an incredibly talented musician and teacher! It’s a pleasure to work with such a professional!
— Jordan Shalhoup, Freelance saxophonist, member of Yacht Rock
Being accompanied by Reggie Berg is like being in a playful menagerie of musical textures and colors. He is an excellent pianist with a pocket full of ideas that he creates in the moment!
— Kristi Stice, vocalist for Gypsy Swing Revue
In addition to being a wonderful, sensitive collaborator, Reggie is a phenomenal pianist and musician. He’s a force to be reckoned with at the keyboard and his creativity knows no bounds. That Reggie is also a humble, easygoing guy and a truly empathetic, supportive colleague is just a bonus.
— Ian Wisekal, Adjunct oboe faculty at Lamont School of Music, University of Denver
Reggie seems to have endless knowledge and ability in the jazz language. As a violin teacher and performer, it’s always a blast to take lessons with Reggie or to simply talk with him about music.
— Lannie Shelton, violinist and educator
Reggie is a versatile, sensitive musician and highly skilled in his artform. He easily accommodates and tailors to personal requests, and is a joy to work with!
— Michaela Borth, violinist, member of Spinphony
Reggie wrote music for my wedding and wedding video. To avoid copyright issues for mainstream songs, he composed several songs inspired by the songs you’d hear on the radio. He was very pleasant to work with and didn’t get annoyed when I asked for changes. He made edits until I felt the music was perfect. I would definitely hire him again!
— Holly Guarini, bride